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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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KS4 19th Century Justice

Under the heading 19th century justice there are links to the key topics; catching criminals, courts and juries, punishment, transportation and reforms. Each topic has several different pages of information. Your task is to use your own knowledge, the information provided and the information you have gained from the database and case studies to create a summary web site for GCSE history students.

You will need a web page for each topic and you must pick out the most important issues and ideas. As well as presenting the key facts, think about how you would like a website on Crime and Punishment to work – would you want short bullet points or long text? Would you like summary boxes with key issues to remember? Would you like a quiz at the end to test whether you have learned what was on the page? You could even make summary podcasts linked to your website for students to download so they can revise whenever they want to!

This resource is also available as a word document - see below.

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