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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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KS4 Warm up Questions

  1. What crime did Jane Saby commit in 1803? (Stealing turnips)

  2. How many women were accused of murder? (15)

  3. How many people were accused of involvement in rioting (search ‘riot’) in 1825? (125)

  4. How many people were sentenced to death across the time period? (276)

  5. What is the age of the youngest ‘criminal’ on the database? (9 years old)

  6. Which year between 1810 and 1820 had most female prisoners in gaol? (1815) (use graph)

  7. How many female prisoners were transported between 1800 and 1850? (18)

  8. When was the last child (under 14 years old) transported? (1847)

  9. How old was Henry Catlin when he first appeared in front of the court? (9 years old)

  10. When Eliza Simmons was 10 years old she stole some money. What was her sentence? (7 days imprisonment)

  11. How many people were accused of witchcraft in the 19th century? Why do you think this is?

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