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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Vincent Blunt (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing two watches
Sentence: 4 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Thomas Bone (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Plough chains
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Fanny Botsworth (Prison record)
Offence: Bastardy
Sentence: 6 Calendar Months Hard Labour

George Brain (Prison record)
Offence: Sheep Stealing
Sentence: Transportation for Life

James Brain (Prison record)
Offence: Sheep Stealing
Sentence: Transportation for Life

Charles Brown (Prison record)
Offence: Burglary
Sentence: Transportation for Life

William Brown (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Wheat
Sentence: 7 Years Transportation

Robert Bryant (Prison record)
Offence: Assault

John Bull (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Glasses

Abel Burgess (Prison record)
Offence: Highway Robbery
Sentence: Transportation for Life

Mary Burridge (Prison record)
Offence: Lewd Woman
Sentence: 12 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Thomas Burridge (Prison record)
Offence: Game Laws
Sentence: 6 Weeks or pay 17 shillings and sixpence

James Burrows (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Straw
Sentence: 3 Calendar Months Hard Labour

John Butler (Prison record)
Offence: Violent assault with intent to kill and murder
Sentence: Death recorded Transported for Life

William Bygraves (Prison record)
Offence: Riot

James Cadwell (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Socks

John Cannon (Prison record)
Offence: Convicted of stealing an Oak post
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months or pay the penalty

John Cannon (Prison record)
Offence: Leaving his Family
Sentence: 1 Month Hard Labour

John Carpenter (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing a Knife
Sentence: 7 Years Transportation

John Carrington (Prison record)
Offence: Want of Sureties