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William Carrington (Prison record)
Offence: On the 10th of January 1854 at Brown Hedges trespassing in search of Game or Conies
Sentence: 5 Weeks Hard Labour or pay 40 shillings and sixpence

William Carrington (Prison record)
Offence: Trespassing in search of game or conies
Sentence: 6 weeks Hard Labour HC or pay £1 fine, £1.0s.6d. Costs.

Thomas Carter (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Wood
Sentence: 1 Month

Richard Charles (Prison record)
Offence: Assault
Sentence: Until the next general Quarter Sessions

James Chipperfield (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing a Mug
Sentence: 7 Days Hard Labour

James Clare (Prison record)
Offence: Snareing
Sentence: 3 Months

William Clare (Prison record)
Offence: Non Payment of Poor Rate
Sentence: 1 Calendar Month gaol or pay 30/-

Andrew Clarke (Prison record)
Offence: Begging
Sentence: 21 days hard labour

William Clarke (Prison record)
Offence: Nuisance Removal Act
Sentence: 7 Days Gaol or pay 35/-

William Coleman (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Potatoes
Sentence: 4 Calendar Months Hard Labour

William Coleman (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Potatoes
Sentence: 4 Calendar Months Hard Labour

James Cook (Prison record)
Offence: Non payment of Poor Rates
Sentence: 7 Days Gaol or pay 20/3

Robert Cooper (Prison record)
Offence: Game Laws
Sentence: 14 Days Hard Labour or pay 16s

George Cooper Senior (Prison record)
Offence: Receiving the above.[4 half quarter loaves of bread]
Sentence: Acquitted

George Cooper the elder (Prison record)
Offence: Receiving four and a half quartern loaves knowing them to be stolen

John Cowley (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Jam [borough]
Sentence: Acquitted

Thomas Craddock (Prison record)
Offence: Assault
Sentence: 3 Calendar Months Hard Labour or pay 5.14 (bound in his own recognigance to keep the peace for 12 calendar months)

John Davis (Prison record)
Offence: Resisting P.C.
Sentence: 10 Days Hard Labour or pay 32/-

William Dennis (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Hurdles
Sentence: 14 Days Hard Labour

Thomas Dumpleton (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing a dog
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour