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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Edward Albone (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Wheat
Sentence: 2 Years Hard Labour

Emma Aynes (Prison record)
Offence: Want of Sureties

Frances Battams (Prison record)
Offence: Misbehaviour in the Workhouse at Cranfield
Sentence: 21 Days

John Battams (Prison record)
Offence: Assault
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months

Sophia Beard (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing a Shirt
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour

Thomas Bennett (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Turnips
Sentence: 28 Days

Samuel Berrill (Prison record)
Offence: Receiving stolen Goods
Sentence: 2 Months Hard Labour

Samuel Berrill (Prison record)
Offence: Larceny
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Ann Braybrook (Prison record)
Offence: Obtaining Money by a false pretence
Sentence: 1 Calendar Month Hard Labour

Edmund Bumberry (Prison record)
Offence: Felony
Sentence: 4 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Edmund Bumbey (Prison record)
Offence: Embezzlement
Sentence: 4 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Thomas Carter (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Calico Print
Sentence: 6 Weeks Hard Labour

John Christie (Prison record)
Offence: Vagrancy
Sentence: 14 Days Hard Labour

William Clare (Prison record)
Offence: Wilful Damage
Sentence: 14 Days Hard Labour or pay £1.9s,

John Clark (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing a Deal Plank

Thomas Clark (Prison record)
Offence: Misbehavour in Workhouse
Sentence: 7 Days Hard Labour

William Clark (Prison record)
Offence: Idle and Disorderly person
Sentence: 1 Calendar Month Hard Labour

Mary Cromer (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing underwood
Sentence: 3 Weeks Hard Labour

Thomas Cullen (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing a knife
Sentence: 1 Calendar Month Hard Labour

Robert Daly (Prison record)
Offence: Drunk and disorderly
Sentence: 14 days hard labour