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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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John Allen (Prison record)
Offence: Breaking a Door and Lock
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour or pay 2 shillings

John Barker (Prison record)
Offence: Refusing to work in the Union
Sentence: 14 days hard labour

Samuel Bennett (Prison record)
Offence: On 23rd Jan inst at Dunstable uttering counterfeit coin knowing the same to be false and counterfeit

Samuel Bennett (Prison record)
Offence: Uttering Counterfeit Coin
Sentence: Remanded 28 January 1850,Further Examination 04 February 1850, Acqitted.

William Berridge (Prison record)
Offence: Vagrancy
Sentence: 7 Days Hard Labour

Eliza Berry (Prison record)
Offence: Assault
Sentence: 1 Calendar Month Hard Labour

Barnard Bone (Prison record)
Offence: On 23rd March 1852 at Leighton Buzzard assaulting and resisting Charles Galley a PC whilst in the execution of his duty
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour or pay 2 pounds

Barnard Bone (Prison record)
Offence: Assault on Police
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour or pay £2.0.0.

Eliza Bunyan (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing bacon
Sentence: 14 Days Gaol

John Burgess (Prison record)
Offence: Vagrant begging on the 11th July at Luton
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour

John Burgess (Prison record)
Offence: vagrant
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour H.C

Sarah Burnage (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Wood
Sentence: 3 Hours imprisonment

Sarah Burnage (Prison record)
Offence: Larceny
Sentence: 3 Hours Hard Labour

Mary Callghan (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing a silk handkerchief
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour

George Cawston (Prison record)
Offence: County Court debtor
Sentence: ?£1 17s 6d or 14 days imprisonment

William Chandler (Prison record)
Offence: Sleeping in the open air.
Sentence: 14 Days Hard Labour

William Cherry (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Geese
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour

George Childs (Prison record)
Offence: Burglary
Sentence: 12 Months Hard Labour Com.Gaol

George Church (Prison record)
Offence: Felony
Sentence: 2 Weeks Hard Labour

Philip Clarke (Prison record)
Offence: Misbehaviour in the Workhouse at Ampthill
Sentence: 14 Days