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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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William Adams (Prison record)
Offence: Destroying his own clothes in the Leighton Buzzard Union, a vagrant
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour

John Airess (Prison record)
Offence: Riot and Assault
Sentence: 1 Week

William Albone (Prison record)
Offence: Want of Sureties
Sentence: 6 Months

James Allen (Prison record)
Offence: On 19th Jan. inst at Houghton Regis stealing a quantity of wheat the property of Edward Barnard

James Allen (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Wheat, F.Ex.
Sentence: Discharged by Magistrate.

William Allen (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Beans
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour

George Allgood (Prison record)
Offence: Drunk and disorderly
Sentence: ?£1 8s 0d or 14 days hard labour

Charles Anderson (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing four tame owls, value ?£1
Sentence: 6 weeks hard labour

William Anderson (Prison record)
Offence: Riot
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Matthew Ansell (Prison record)
Offence: Drunkenness
Sentence: 14 Days Gaol or 25/6

William Ansell (Prison record)
Offence: Stealing Straw

John Appleby (Prison record)
Offence: Felony

Anquish Armour (Prison record)
Offence: Idle and Disorderly person
Sentence: 1 Calendar Month Hard Labour

William Armour (Prison record)
Offence: Damaging Trees
Sentence: 6 Weeks Hard Labour

Joseph Armsden (Prison record)
Offence: Night Poaching etc.
Sentence: 6 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Elizabeth Arnold (Prison record)
Offence: Assault
Sentence: 7 Days or 14 shillings and sixpence

William Ashby (Prison record)
Offence: On 6th Nov.1851 at Clophill aiding and abetting William Huckle to commit a felony setting fire to a plantation of trees growing in Fidlers hill on Clophill plantation the property of Earl de Grey

William Ashby (Prison record)
Offence: Aiding to commit a felony
Sentence: Acquitted

Philip Ashwell (Prison record)
Offence: Destroying wheelbarrows the property of the Parish Officer of Lidlington
Sentence: 2 Calendar Months Hard Labour or pay 1 pound 1 shilling and sixpence

Charles Askew (Prison record)
Offence: Assaulting a Constable
Sentence: 21 Days Hard Labour