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Further details for William Brandon from Bedford gaol

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Information submitted by Matthew J Butcher

William was my 4xgreat grandfather. He was born on the 15th October 1822 in Chalton and died on the 20th May 1861. There are 5 known mentions of him in the Bedford gaol records. In 1861 William was not been recorded with his family. His wife Sarah was still marked as married and above her name it states; “Husband in lunatics asylum”. The 1861 census shows detail of an inmate patient in Three Counties Lunatic Asylum in Stotfold with the initials W.B. of the right age. The Admissions Register shows that he entered the Asylum on the 25th February 1861. His age was not listed but the register shows he was married and worked as a Farm Labourer in Chalton. The costs of his admittance were being born by the Toddington Woburn Union and he had been admitted on the authority of the Clerk Samuel Francis and a John Dexter. William was suffering from ‘Mania with General Paralysis’ that had begun 12 months previously. It was supposed that the condition was as a result of a kick from a horse (gaol records note this happened when he was young). He was feeble and suffering from general paralysis. Less than 3 months later William was dead. The registrar Alfred Self was informed of his death which had been caused by General Paralysis by a William Denne on the 23rd May. William was one of the 47 patients who died in the Three Counties Lunatic Asylum during 1861.

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