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Further details for William Juffs from Bedford gaol

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Information submitted by Caroline Juffs

William Juffs was the older brother of my great, great, great grandfather James juffs. William and his father (also William) were both sentenced to transportation to Australia for poaching/burglary. I don't know whether the father made it or if he died in the hulk awaiting transportation, his family had to seek refuge in the local workhouse in Houghton Conquest.

Information submitted by Rosie

I found a William Juffs arriving in 1834 , convict, on the archives papers, this William listed as married with two children, wife is Maria.
There was also another William Juffs arrived in NSW in 1832 also from Bedford

Information submitted by Don

William was also the brother of my great,great,great grandfather Richard & after his transportation he received a ticket of leave on 18th March 1845 but I don't know what became of him after that. The other William that Rosie mentions was born in Flitwick in 1810 & he married Maria Smith. He was also transported & finished up in Tasmania but again I don't know what became of him.

Information submitted by Joan Knight

James was also my great, great, great grandather his brother William did reach Australia arriving on the Parmelia on 16/11/1832 and was granted a ticket of leave and sent to work at Parrametta. He got his conditional pardon in 9/12/1846. Unfortunately his father did die on the Justita Hulk in 1818.

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