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Further details for Benjamin Atterby from Huntingdon gaol

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Information submitted by E.Haddelsey

Benjamin was born in 1851 at Frith Ville, Boston, Lincolnshire,
his father was John Atterby born 1804 in Sibsey, Lincolnshire.
mothers first name Martha,He had many siblings and half siblings,
in 1871 . He was living at Cottage, Frith Ville, Boston, Licolnshire.
cannot find him after that.

Information submitted by Robert Dale

John Atterby was born in 1808 and baptised on the 28th February 1808, at Sibsey, in the County of Lincolnshire, the son of William and Sarah. John died in July 1863 and his burial was on the 8th July 1863 at Frithville in Lincolnshire.
Martha Coleman was born in 1823, and baptised on the 10th of December 1823, at Frithville, the daughter of William and Martha.
At sixteen Martha gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Mary Ann Atterby Coleman, who was baptised on the 30th August 1840 at Frithville, she also moved in with John Atterby, (who was nearly twice her age) at Boston in Lincolnshire.
Two years later a son John Atterbury Coleman was born and baptised on the 7th August 1842 at Frithville.
Another three years later and still not married a second son was born, William Richard Coleman who was baptised on the 24th of August 1845, at Frithville.
John married Martha Coleman on the 5th of May 1846, at the Zion Methodist Chapel, Boston in the County of Lincolnshire;  he had been living with her for the last six years! 
Son number three, Edward Atterby, was baptised the 12th December 1847, at Frithville.
Son number four, Peter Atterby, was baptised the 7th July 1850,
Benjamin Atterby was son number five who was baptised on the 15th August 1852 at Frithville in the County of Lincolnshire.
Richard Atterby, son number six, was baptised 11th March 1855, he only lived a month and died in June 1855 at Frithville.
A second daughter Marianne Atterby was baptised on the 15th June 1856
A third daughter Betsy Atterby was baptised on the 19th September 1858 at Frithville
Son number seven Richard Atterby was born in 1860.
Charles Atterby was the eleventh and last child born to John and Martha, he was baptised 26th April 1863 at St. Botolph, Boston in Lincolnshire.
In 1866 Martha gave birth to another illegitimate son Joseph Basker Atterby, she married Joseph's father Joseph Basker in 1872.
Joseph Basker was born about 1835 at Carrington in Lincolnshire, the son of James and Mary, making Joseph twelve years' younger than Martha.
Martha died in July 1898 aged 75, her burial took place on the 23rd July 1898 at St. Peter Church, Frithville in the County of Lincolnshire.

Other conviction for Benjamin Atterby:
Convicted at St. Neots Petty Sessions, under Criminal Justice Act, 28th July 1870, one calendar month hard labour.
22nd March 1871, 21 days' for wilful damage at Spilsby.
Spilsby Sessions 8th July 1873, for stealing five sovereigns and three half-sovereigns, from the person of Cook West at Mount Pleasant, on the 7th May 1873, he was sentenced to 12 calendar months hard labour and two years police supervision. Released 7th July 1874 to Mount Pleasant, Spilsby. Description 5ft 5 ½ inches tall with dark brown hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.
Spilsby Sessions 13th April 1875, two years' hard labour and four years' police supervision, for uttering base coin, on the 31st March 1875.
16th April 1878, Stealing one loaf of bread, the property of William Sharp, at Boston East, on the 23rd January 1878. Twelve calendar months hard labour, and 3 years' police supervision.
May 1879, charged with being a deserter from the Royal South Lincoln Militia. He said the reason he did not attend was that he was in prison at the time they assembled, finding this to be true, he was acquitted.
Charged with an assault on Mary Basker, at Frithville on the 26th July 1880, sentenced to one-month hard labour and to pay £1. 3 shillings costs.

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