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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 683 prisoners with Surnames beginning with K.
Joseph Keach Name: Joseph Keach
Offence Rogue and Vagabond
Offence date 4th October 1824
Samuel Keach Name: Samuel Keach
Offence Destroying plants in a garden
Offence date 23rd February 1823
Thomas Keach Name: Thomas Keach
Offence Examination arson
Offence date 7th November 1842
William Keach Name: William Keach
Offence Breach of the Game Laws
Offence date 4th October 1823
Elizabeth Kean Name: Elizabeth Kean
Offence Stealing a jug
Offence date 8th December 1858
William Kean Name: William Kean
Offence Stealing a Spade
Offence date 11th April 1825
George Keane Name: George Keane
Offence Stealing Joiner's Tools
Offence date 18th October 1851
Levi Keanes Name: Levi Keanes
Offence On the 24th December 1853 at Haynes assault David Green
Offence date 5th January 1854
Peter Kearney Name: Peter Kearney
Offence Stealing a Spoon. Borough
Offence date 19th February 1866
John Keats Name: John Keats
Offence Stealing Potatoes
Offence date 22nd September 1825