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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 150 prisoners with Surnames beginning with Y.
Thomas Yarby Name: Thomas Yarby
Offence Stealing a quantity of Gingham
Offence date 7th February 1828
Alfred Yarnold Name: Alfred Yarnold
Offence Misbehaviour in Union (destroying his own Clothes)
Offence date 5th November 1861
Joseph Yarrell Name: Joseph Yarrell
Entry date: 3rd Jan 1875
Thomas Yarrell Name: Thomas Yarrell
Offence Burglary
Offence date 6th January 1840
John Sabey Yarrill Name: John Sabey Yarrill
Offence Stealing A pair of trousers and a shirt
Entry date: 13th Jun 1873
James Yarrow Name: James Yarrow
Offence Horse Stealing
Offence date 17th February 1827
James Yarrow Name: James Yarrow
Offence Deserter
Offence date 16th March 1827
Thomas Yarrow Name: Thomas Yarrow
Offence Larceny
Offence date 14th October 1834
Charles Yateman Name: Charles Yateman
Offence Stealing a Game Bag etc.
Offence date 5th September 1865
Aaron Yates Name: Aaron Yates
Offence Assault with intent
Offence date 22nd August 1834