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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 2574 prisoners with Surnames beginning with W.
Lydia Wackett Name: Lydia Wackett
Offence Stealing Wine
Offence date 1st June 1843
Lydia Wackett Name: Lydia Wackett
Offence Larceny
Offence date 27th June 1843
John Waddy Name: John Waddy
Offence Suspicion of Desertion and enlisting with different parties
Offence date 4th January 1816
Alfred Wade Name: Alfred Wade
Offence Obtaining money by false pretences
Entry date: 3rd Jul 1875
Ann Wade Name: Ann Wade
Offence Hawking without a Licence
Offence date 30th July 1805
George Wade Name: George Wade
Offence Highway Robbery
Offence date 23rd February 1864
George Wade Name: George Wade
Offence Arson
Offence date 30th May 1865
John Wade Name: John Wade
Offence Wilfully expose his person, assaulting a police constable
Offence date 18th May 1898
Richard Wade Name: Richard Wade
Offence Stealing Silk
Offence date 21st March 1830
Samuel Wade Name: Samuel Wade
Offence Stealing Turkeys
Offence date 28th September 1843