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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 1176 prisoners with Surnames beginning with T.
Robert Tabor Name: Robert Tabor
Offence County Court debtor
Offence date 24th November 1897
Dennis Tafield Name: Dennis Tafield
Offence Stealing Materials
Offence date 18th October 1847
John Tailor Name: John Tailor
Offence Stealing Barley
Offence date 23rd November 1831
Matthew Tailor Name: Matthew Tailor
Offence Idle and Disorderly
Offence date 28th May 1817
William Taite Name: William Taite
Offence willfully setting fire to a shed the property of John Walker at Goldington
Offence date 30th August 1854
James Talbot Name: James Talbot
Offence Misbehaviour in Workhouse. Borough
Offence date 11th October 1866
Joseph Talbot Name: Joseph Talbot
Offence Wander abroad and beg alms
Offence date 26th January 1898
Robert Talbot Name: Robert Talbot
Offence Assault
Offence date 7th February 1854
Robert Talbot Name: Robert Talbot
Offence F.ex. Assault. Assaulting Police, Malicious Injury.
Offence date 7th February 1854
Richard Tale Name: Richard Tale
Offence Misdemeanour in Service
Offence date 16th August 1810