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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 316 prisoners with Surnames beginning with O.
Mary O'Brian Name: Mary O'Brian
Offence On 21st Feb.1850 at Ampthill wandering abroad to gather alms having neither home nor habitation
Offence date 22nd February 1850
Eugene O'Callaghan Name: Eugene O'Callaghan
Offence Stealing Wearing Apparel
Offence date 17th February 1842
Michael O'Connor Name: Michael O'Connor
Offence Stealing a fowl
Offence date 2nd December 1898
William O'Donnal Name: William O'Donnal
Offence Desertion
Offence date 27th October 1811
John O'Grady Name: John O'Grady
Offence Drunk
Offence date 14th November 1898
John O'Hara Name: John O'Hara
Offence Absent without leave while up for training with 5th Battallion Kings Royal Rifles
Offence date 9th May 1898
John O'Hare Name: John O'Hare
Offence Stealing A purse and 4/10
Entry date: 7th May 1873
John O'Hare Name: John O'Hare
Offence On 30th Aug.1850 at Clapham breaking and entering the dwelling house of John Corby and stealing 4 coats, 2 waistcoats and 2 pairs of trousers the goods and chattels of john Corby
Offence date 2nd September 1850
Donlon O'Hartigan Name: Donlon O'Hartigan
Offence Idle and Disorderly person
Offence date 17th November 1849
James O'Neill Name: James O'Neill
Offence On 23rd June inst. at Barton wandering abroad to beg and gather alms
Offence date 25th June 1850