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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 1630 prisoners with Surnames beginning with M.
George William Mabbatt Name: George William Mabbatt
Offence Wilfully neglect to maintain his wife and children
Offence date 15th March 1898
John Mabbett Name: John Mabbett
Offence On 11th July 1851 at Ridgmont unlawfully assaulting and beating Rebecca Williamson
Offence date 18th July 1851
Joseph Mabbott Name: Joseph Mabbott
Offence Cutting and Maiming
Offence date 15th October 1823
John Mabbutt Name: John Mabbutt
Offence Assault
Offence date 18th July 1851
Henry MacCulloch Name: Henry MacCulloch
Offence Vagrancy
Offence date 24th April 1854
Henry MacCullock Name: Henry MacCullock
Offence Vagrancy
Offence date 24th April 1854
Henry MacDermott Name: Henry MacDermott
Offence On 6th April 1850 at Woburn wilfully breaking a Lamp the property of the Inspector of the Parish of Woburn of the value of 2 shillings and sixpence
Offence date 8th April 1850
Alexander MacDonald Name: Alexander MacDonald
Offence Suspicion of obtaining money under false pretences
Offence date 10th August 1825
Edward MacDonald Name: Edward MacDonald
Offence Vagrancy
Offence date 16th July 1858
James Macdonald Name: James Macdonald
Offence Stealing printed cotton
Offence date 21st January 1833