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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 683 prisoners with Surnames beginning with K.
Karo Kastenbauer Name: Karo Kastenbauer
Offence Stealing a quantity of skins, a clock and a knife, value 40s
Offence date 23rd May 1898
Nancy Kate Name: Nancy Kate
Offence Vagrancy
Offence date 21st May 1857
Martin Kavanagh Name: Martin Kavanagh
Offence Stealing Soap etc. Borough
Offence date 2nd September 1867
David Kay Name: David Kay
Offence Stealing A pigs cheek
Entry date: 24th Apr 1875
John Kay Name: John Kay
Offence Fraud
Offence date 15th July 1829
Daniel Keach Name: Daniel Keach
Offence Stealing Wood
Offence date 18th October 1836
Daniel Keach Name: Daniel Keach
Offence Idle and Disorderly
Offence date 28th April 1824
Edward Keach Name: Edward Keach
Offence Neglect of Business
Offence date 21st July 1802
John Keach Name: John Keach
Offence Game Laws
Offence date 10th November 1832
John Keach Name: John Keach
Offence Breaking a wood fence and stealing the wood
Offence date 19th November 1821