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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner records

Showing prisoner records sorted alphabetically by surname.
Found 2829 prisoners with Surnames beginning with C.
John Cabbin Name: John Cabbin
Offence Destroying a hedge
Offence date 12th September 1827
Sarah Cabbin Name: Sarah Cabbin
Offence Idle and Disorderly
Offence date 6th September 1825
William Cabbin Name: William Cabbin
Offence Rogue and Vagabond
Offence date 8th August 1825
Layton Cadd Name: Layton Cadd
Offence Want of Sureties for an Assault
Offence date 9th November 1814
Joseph Cade Name: Joseph Cade
Offence Stealing a Mare
Offence date 12th December 1811
Lydia Cade Name: Lydia Cade
Offence Misbehaviour in Workhouse (refusing to work)
Offence date 24th October 1862
James Cadwell Name: James Cadwell
Offence Stealing Socks
Offence date 4th May 1833
John Cage Name: John Cage
Offence Killing Ducks
Offence date 15th June 1831
Jonathan Caid Name: Jonathan Caid
Offence Game Laws
Offence date 7th February 1865
Ann Cain Name: Ann Cain
Offence Stealing Shoes
Offence date 28th June 1843