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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner record from Huntingdon

Offence details

Robert Bullard Name: Robert Bullard Age: 14 Date of Offence: Offence: Stealing A pair of boots Sentence: 1 Type of trial: Summarily

Detainment details

Other punishment: 5 years Reformatory School Intended residence when free: Ware Reformatory Hertfordshire

Personal details

Height: 4 ft 7 inches Hair colour: Light Brown Eye colour: Hazel Complexion: Fresh Identifying marks: Scar from cut on left eyebrow. Two warts back of left hand. Two blue patches left fore arm. Blue patch middle finger left hand. Scar from cut thick part right thumb. Wart lower joint little finger right hand
Trade or occupation: Errand boy Marriage status: Single Number of children: Unknown

Residence details

Birth parish: Huntingdon Residence parish: Huntingdon

Futher details

If you have any more information about this prisoner, please let us know.