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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner record from Bedford

Offence details

George Serle Name: George Serle Age: 21 Date of Offence: 15th September 1859 Offence: Setting fire to a stack of wheat and a stack of straw, the property of one James Brown at Biggleswade on the 9th September 1859. Sentence: 5 years Penal Servitude Type of trial: Assizes Type of offence: against property

Personal details

Height: 5 ft 3 ½ inches Hair colour: Dark Eye colour: Grey Aliases: Edwin Serle, Walter Tomlinson, Walter Cockayne, Walter Thompson Visage: Long Complexion: Sallow Identifying marks: Two Boil marks on right hip, several boil marks on back, lost third and fourth finger right hand, lost little finger left hand, middle finger same hand contracted,broad prominent forehead long face projecting chin top teeth rather black, sullen appearance
Trade or occupation: Hose trimmer Education: Neither Marriage status: Single Number of children: Unknown Religion: Church of England

Residence details

Birth town: Belper Birth country: England Residence town: Chesterfield Street, Nottingham Residence county: Nottinghamshire Residence country: England

Futher details

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