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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoner record from Bedford

Offence details

Thomas William Marmon Name: Thomas William Marmon Age: 29 Date of Offence: 17th January 1862 Offence: Breaking 24 panes of glass at the Luton Union, on the 15th Jan.1862. Sentence: 14 days Hard Labour Type of trial: Summarily Convicted

Personal details

Height: 5 ft 9 inches Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Dark brown Aliases: Smith, Hookey Visage: Oval Complexion: Fresh Identifying marks: Large burn mark inside left leg above the ankle, humpbacked, lost left arm above the elbow, large scar inside right hand, slightly pockmarked on face.
Trade or occupation: Hawker of books Education: Imp Marriage status: Single Number of children: Unknown Religion: Protestant

Residence details

Birth town: Hazeleigh Birth country: England Residence parish: no fixed place

Futher details

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