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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Punishment and Rehabilitation

Convict Labour - Building work

As part of their sentence after 1865 all convicts had to spend part of their sentence carryoing out bard labour on public works. The following entry outlines work carried out building prisons.

"A great deal of very valuable employment was found in erecting all the buildings required in the prisons...

A very large amount of this work has been done and it is of the most valuable kind, because it gives the opportunity for learners to acquire practical knowledge of various trades...The large prison at Wormwood Scrubs, containing some 1400 cells, was commenced by surrounding the site by a timber hoarding, and placing inside it a temporary building of wood lined with iron to accommodate 100 prisoners. From this beginning the whole building has been erected by convict labour, the bricks being made on the spot, the stone supplied from Portland, castings and forgings from various prisons, and the mechanic's work done in the prison itself, of which the population was increased as the accommodation grew."