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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Some Observations on Young Offenders

Some observations on Young Offenders by J.W. Horsley (1850-1910) , a prison chaplain at Clerkenwell, and his diary notes written in 1886 were published as 'Jottings from Jail'.

Was it him or was it other boys?

He says he is innocent, but when I caught a young friend in Shoreditch with his hand upon a bell pull, with which he had been annoying a household, he declared "It wasn't me; it was the other boys" and my experience here shows me that the size of London is accounted for by the amount of "other boys" that are at large while solitary innocents are run in."

Jottings from Jail


The perverted taste for lollipops......is a large - very large - cause of juvenile crime, and from a prison point of view there are a dozen times the justification for an Anti-Lollipop League than there is for an Anti-Tobacco one.

Jottings from Jail