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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Rules Covering Reporting and Returns

An outine of evening reporting and procedures. From 1871 prisons also had to make returns to help track prisoners and habitual criminals.

Evening Report

5. A Report shall be made to the Gaoler at Ten o'Clock each Night whether the Officers resident in the Prison are all present; and no Ingress or Egress shall be allowed into or out of the Prison between the Hours of Ten o'Clock at Night and Six o'Clock in the morning, except to the Gaoler and his Family, the Chaplain, or Surgeon, or in special Cases, which shall be entered in the Journal of the Gaoler.

Regulations for Government of Prisons, Schedule 1 to the Prisons Act 1865


s.6(5) In every prison, the gaoler or other governor of the prison shall make returns of the persons convicted of crime and coming within his custody...

Prevention of Crime Act 1871