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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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The Treadmill at Huntingdon Gaol

Extracts and references to the working of the treadmill at Huntingdon Gaol

The Treadmill at Huntingdon Gaol

Huntingdon Gaol had a treadwheel, but by 1865 it had become inadequate and needed rebuilding.

Borough of Huntingdon, History, Gazetteer and Directory, 1854

There is a large airing yard with a covered circular shed, forming a walk of sufficient size to exercise thirty male prisoners at one time, in single file, who are then under the eye of an officer stationed in a watch-box in the centre. The treadwheel is used here, and silence is strictly enforced all through the prison.

Extract from agenda for Huntingdon Quarter Sessions, June 1865

At the General Quarter Sessions of the place to be holden at the Court Hall Huntingdon in and for the County of Huntingdon on Monday the 26th day of June 1865 at half past eleven for twelve oClock at noon precisely the Business undermentioned will be brought before the Justices and such orders made thereon as the Court may deem expedient.....

5. Treadwheel

Presentment by Mr Rust and Mr Heathcote that the Gaol of the County is inadequate to give effect to the rules from the want of a properly constructed and sufficient Treadwheel...