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Rules for The Chaplain - 1863

Rules and Regulations to be observed in the Gaol and House of Correction for the County of Huntingdon – 1863.

170. The Chaplain is to be a Clergyman of the Church of England...

171. The Chaplain, on every Sunday, Christmas-day, and Good-Friday, and on public Fast and Thanksgiving Days, is to perform the appointed Morning and Evening Services of the Church of England, and preach a Sermon...

174. Portions of Scripture shall be read to the Prisoners, when assembled for instruction, by the Chaplain, or by such other person, not a Prisoner, as he may appoint.

176. He is to see and admonish every Prisoner on admission and discharge.

179. He will visit the infirmaries and sick, daily; frequently visit every room and cell occupied by Prisoners; and attend, at all reasonable times, any Prisoner who may require his spiritual advice and assistance. He will pay especial attention to juvenile offenders, to Prisoners in solitary and separate confinement, or under punishment in refractory, dark, or their own cells, each of whom he is to visit daily.

181. He will superintend the distribution and preservation of books (selected from a list made by himself and sanctioned by the Visiting Justices) to be read by the Prisoners belonging to the Established Church, and inspect all books proposed for the use of Prisoners of the Established Church, and reject such as he may deem improper.