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Rules Covering Officers - 1863

Rules and Regulations to be observed in the Gaol and House of Correction for the County of Huntingdon – 1863 52. There shall be for the Prison a Governor, Chaplain, Surgeon and a Matron; the Chaplain, Surgeon and Matron are to be appointed from time to time by the Court of Quarter Sessions.

53. Subordinate Officers are to be recommended by the Visiting Justices, and appointed by the Court of Quarter Sessions.

54. There shall be a sufficient number of subordinate Officers for effective supervision by day, and a night watch when deemed necessary by the Visiting Justices.

61. Female Officers shall in all cases attend Female Prisoners; they only are to search Female Prisoners or Female Visitors to Prisoners. They shall always attend Male Officers and Visitors on their visits to the Female Prison; they are to retain the keys of the wards, yards and cells, allotted to Female Prisoners, the locks of which shall be different from those securing the wards, yards and cells, allotted to Male Prisoners....