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Rules Covering Visiting Justices

Rules to be observed by the visiting justices and their duties of inspection.

19. At each Court of Quarter Sessions, three or more Justices are to be appointed to visit the Prison during the ensuing quarter; the Visiting Justices should meet at the Prison on the Saturday in the week next after the Quarter Sessions...

At such meetings it will be proper for them to visit the several wards, cells, infirmaries, yards, solitary or punishment cells, and other apartments or divisions of the Prison, and inquire of each Prisoner...whether he has any complaint to make.

21. They are from time to time to cause such of the Rules as relate to the treatment and conduct of the Prisoners to be printed in legible characters, and to be fixed up in conspicuous parts of the Prison, so that every Prisoner may be enabled to have access to them.

23. They are at every meeting to examine into the state of the building, the behaviour and conduct of the respective Officers, the classification, separation, inspection, hard labour, employment, treatment, health, diet, instruction, moral improvement and behaviour of the Prisoners; also into the amount and disposal of their earnings, the expenses attending the Prison, all abuses within the same, and any improvement which may appear practicable, and take cognizance of such matters as they may think fit.

28. They may enter into contracts for the employment of Prisoners in any work or trade within the Prison.

35. At every Quarter Sessions they are to make a report in writing...