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The Surgeon

Rules and Regulations to be observed in the Gaol and House of Correction for the County of Huntingdon – 1863. 195. The Surgeon appointed is required to visit the Prison twice at least in every week, and oftener if necessary; and see every Prisoner confined therein...He is to report to every General or Quarter Sessionw the condition of the Prison, and the state of health of the Prisoners...

196. He shall examine every Prisoner brought into Prison before he is passed into the proper ward; and he shall record the Prisoner's name, age, state of health, on admission, and any disease of importance to which he may have been subject. He shall record his state of health on discharge.

202. He shall see daily such of the Prisoners as complain of illness, or appear out of health; and shall either supply such Prisoners with medicines in their wards or cells, or direct them to be removed to the Infirmary...

217. He shall, at every Michaelmas Quarter Sessions, deliver to the Justices a report, in writing, specifying with reference to the past year, the general state of health of the Prisoners, the disorders which have been most prevalent, whether any connection may be traced between the diseases which have occurred and the locality, or state of the building, or the diet, employment or other circumstances; also the number of deaths, any case of insanity, the number of Infirmary cases, the number of Prisoners placed upon extra diet, and the proportion of sick to the whole number of Prisoners admitted during the year.