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Gaol Routine

Rules Covering Release

Rules for the discharge of prisoners and the conditions that needed to be met before this was allowed.

89.- Before any Prisoners, under the age of twenty-one years are discharged [the Governor] will inform their relatives and friends (if there any of good character, whose names and residence he can ascertain) on what day and at what time the Prisoner will be discharged, that they may have the opportunity of attending, to receive the Prisoner when discharged from Prison. All Prisoners whose terms of imprisonment expire on a Sunday, are to be discharged on the Saturday next preceding.

176.- [The Chaplain] is to see and admonish every Prisoner on admission and discharge.

221.- No Prisoner shall be discharged from Prison if labouring under any acute or dangerous distemper, nor until, in the opinion of the Medical Officer, such discharge is safe; unless such Prisoner shall require to be discharged.

253.- Any Prisoner whose term of imprisonment would expire on a Sunday, shall be discharged on the Saturday next preceding. Prisoners entitled to their discharge in the evening, shall be allowed at their option to remain until the next morning.

263.- Prisoners charged with being Deserters, and awaiting a route, shall be treated as Prisoners for trial.