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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Gaol Routine

Rules Covering the Admission of Prisoners

Rules covering the treatment of prisoners arriving at gaol.

227. All Prisoners...shall on admission be placed in a reception cell. They shall be strictly searched by the Governor, or by some other Officer, or by the Matron, if a Female Prisoner. All knives, sharp instruments, dangerous weapons, or articles calculated to facilitate escape, shall be taken from them. All money and other effects brought in with them, or subsequently sent in for their use and benefit, shall be taken care of. The Governor shall take charge of such money and effects, and make an inventory of them to be entered in the Prisoners' Property Book.

228. Every Prisoner shall be examined by the Surgeon before he shall be passed into the proper ward. Having been examined, he shall be cleansed in a warm or cold bath, and have his hair cut, should the Surgeon direct for the purpose of health and cleanliness. No Prisoner shall be stripped and bathed in the presence of any other prisoner.

229. The wearing apparel of every Prisoner shall be fumigated and purified, if requisite; and if the Surgeon thinks it necessary, wearing apparel may be burned...