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Daily Life

Rules for Hygiene

Rules covering health and hygiene, including clean clothes, bedding and cleaning arrangments.

4.- There shall be one bath or more for the cleansing and bathing of Prisoners when necessary.

5.- There shall be an oven applicable to the purpose of fumigating, cleansing and disinfecting (when necessary) clothes, linen or bedding.

10.- Separate rooms shall be provided as infirmaries or sick wards.

13.- there shall be constantly provided sufficient supply of mops, brooms, brushes &c., for cleansing the wards, passages and cells; and regular arrangements shall be made for the daily removal of dust and ashes, and for emptying the night buckets, for the washing and stoning of floors, cells and passages, for the frequent cleansing and fumigating of the reception cells, bedding, &c., and for fumigating the Prison in case of infectious disorders. There shall be stated seasons for scraping and lime-washing the walls and ceilings of the Prison.

14.- There shall be an adequate supply of wash and foot-tubs, and of water, soap, towels, and combs, for the use of the Prisoners.

15.- Arrangements shall be made for the proper warming of the cells and other apartments of the Prison.

16.- Arrangements shall be made for the proper ventilation and drainage of the Prison.

36. - In case of contagious disease...the Visiting Justices may, with the consent of the Sheriff, issue an order, under their hands and seals, to remove the Prisoners to some other Prison or place of confinement within the county, and will lay such order before the next Quarter Sessions.

42. - All insane Prisoners shall be removed from the Prison as speedily as the law will allow.

124.- [The Governor] shall direct that every Prisoner wash himself thoroughly at least once every day, and his feet at least once each week; and he shall see that there is a sufficient supply of soap, towels and combs.

125.- [The Governor] shall direct that all Prisoners...go into a tepid bath at least once in each month; but no Prisoner shall be stripped or bathed in the presence of any other Prisoner.

126.- [The Governor] shall direct that, in no case, the hair of any Female Prisoner be cut, except when he thinks it necessary on account of vermin or dirt...He shall see that Male Prisoners be shaved at least once a week.

129.- [The Governor] shall direct that every Prisoner...be supplied with sufficient bedding for warmth and health.

130.- [The Governor] shall direct that the bed-clothes be well aired every day; and that when the weather permits, this be done in the open air.

131.- [The Governor] shall direct that where sheets are in use, they be washed not less often than once each month, and for Prisoners under medical treatment, not less than once each fortnight, or as often as the Medical Officer may deem necessary; and, where sheets are not in use, that the blankets be washed with the same frequency as that prescribed for the sheets. The sheets that have been used by one Prisoner shall not be transferred to another until thay have been washed.

197.- All Prisoners shall be allowed as much air and exercise as may be recommended by the Surgeon for health.

209.- [The Surgeon] shall give directions in writing, for separating Prisoners having infectious complaints or being suspected thereof; for cleansing, disinfecting, and whitewashing any apartments occupied by such Prisoners; and for washing, disinfecting, or destroying any infected apparel.