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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Rules for Prisoners' Dress

Rules covering prison clothing; including requirements and condition.

127.- [The Governor] shall direct that all convicted Prisoners be supplied with a complete Prison dress, and that all such Prisoners...be required to wear it...The Prison dress, for Prisoners before trial, shall be of a different colour from that of convicted Prisoners.

128.- [The Governor] shall direct that every Prisoner be supplied with clean linen, including shirt, (whether of linen, cotton or flannel) stockings, and handkerchief, at least once in every week.

154.- [The Matron] shall have charge of the Prison clothing, bedding and linen, and, if required, assist in the purchase of any articles required for her department; and shall report, from time to time, to the Governor, any deficiencies in the stock requisite for carrying on the Prison work.

229.- The wearing apparel of every Prisoner shall be fumigated and purified, if requisite; and if the Surgeon thinks it necessary, wearing apparel may be burned...In the case of convicted Prisoners...their wearing apparel shall be taken charge of by the Governor, and they shall be provided with a Prison dress. No Prisoner who has not been convicted of a felony shall be clothed in a party-coloured dress.