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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Arrest Police Regulations

Arrest Police Regulations

Early Policeman
Early Policeman

Rule 28 outlines how the police should be prepared, take details and arrest.
Regulations and Instructions for the Guidance of the Huntingdon Police Force

Rule 28

Each Constable is required to provide himself with a memorandum book and pencil, and immediately a robbery comes to his knowledge, he shall at once proceed to the spot, and while there, he shall note in his book the following particulars, which he is immediately to report at the station:

  1. Time of robbery
  2. Name and address of proprietor or complainant.
  3. Circumstances under which the robbery was committed.
  4. Property stolen. Articles to be described in succession and numbered.
  5. Estimated value of property stolen.
  6. Remarks in explanation.
  7. If any, and what steps have been taken to trace the offender.