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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Gaol Routine


A desciption of convicts being released from gaol.

Dressed in clothes provided for him by the prison, and suited to his probable occupation, whether as an artisan or a labourer, his parchment licence in his pocket, and the first instalment of his gratuity - probably 2l more or less - with a soldier's railway pass for the place of his destination, the prisoner sets out. In less lucky instances, he simply walks forth into space "to take his chance" - that is, to beg for employment from those who are too busy to attend to him, or to supply his necessities by some more familiar means. Upon the whole, however, we might classify the prisoners into three classes; those who return to their friends, those who proceed at once to some familiar place of resort, and those who seek the "Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society".

The Convict out in the World