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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Court Room
Court Room

The conditions in the court room would depend on the building in which it was being housed. Up to the mid 19th century, many courtrooms were not purpose built for the function and often unsuitable.

The arrangements were often hastily made and the ventilation poor. For the more publicised and popular cases, the courts were very crowded and smelly.

There was often a lack of organisation. The courts often failed to inform jury members, witnesses and clients of the proceedings. They could be left outside, in great halls with no seats, until the court needed them.

The general confusion of the court often added to the mistreatment of defendants. The court did not inform people where to sit, leading to many delays in the cases.

The courtroom experience also involved a great amount of ceremony, that was carried out simply because of tradition. It served no purpose and wasted money.

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