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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Prisoners' Names & Ages

Taken from 'Jottings in Jail: Notes and Papers on Prison Matters' by Reverend J W Horsley, Late and Last Chaplain of Her Majesty's Prison, Clerkenwell, 1887.

We take very little notice of names and ages in prison, as from various reasons they are apt to alter with each entrance. Thus Frederick Lane, aged 15, has just been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. He has previously been in custody as Alfred Miller, aged 15, John Smith, aged 16, John Collins, aged 16, John Kate, aged 17, John Klythe, aged 17, and John Keytes, aged 17. In 1883 he is 15; in 1881 he was 17. But lads and lasses are usually over 16 while there is a chance of them being sent to a Reformatory, as those institutions cannot receive them at that age.