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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Rules Covering Educational Instruction

Rules relating to educational instruction. It was felt that education was an important element in reform and opportunities were provided in many gaols to teach people to read and write.

192. Such provision shall be made for the instruction of Prisoners, of both sexes, in reading and writing as may be directed by the Visiting Justices.

193. In every Prison, however small, part of the time shall be engaged of a person duly qualified to give elementary instruction; and in the larger Prisons, at least one Schoolmaster and Schoolmistress shall be appointed, and more than one where requisite. The hours of attendance shall be regulated by the Visiting Justices.

194. They shall, from time to time, make reports in writing to the Chaplain, as to the conduct and progress of the Prisoners; such reports to be filed, and a minute of them made in the Chaplain's Journal.