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Sarah Dazley - Murder

Sarah Dazley - Extract 3 from Newspaper Report on the Inquest - Arrest of Sarah Dazley

Newspaper report, April 1843

Hearing before the Lord Mayor in London
…The prisoner said she had resolved the moment she heard there was suspicions that she had committed so dreadful an offence, to go back to Bedfordshire to clear her character.

…The Lord Mayor " Prisoner, how long were you married to your first husband? "
Prisoner; I was married to him six years.
The Lord Mayor " And how long to your second husband "
Prisoner; -Two years and nineteen days.
The Lord Mayor " How old were you when you were first married? "
Prisoner " I was nineteen years old.
The Lord Mayor " How old was your child when it died? "Ten months old.

The witness admitted without hesitation that she was the person accused.

The Lord Mayor " Why did you run away when the inquest was summoned? "
Prisoner _ I did not run away. I came away to London to look for a situation, because the parish refused to do anything for me. I left my house and goods and I came off.

Inspector Woodroffe said the prisoner came away from Wrestlingworth with a young man and that her character was of the worst kind.

The Lord Mayor " Well, prisoner, were you not going to be married again? "
Prisoner " Not to the young man I came to town with.

The Lord Mayor " To whom were you going to be married? "
Prisoner " To George Waldock.

The prisoner said she had not the least objection to go with the superintendent; for whether he wished her to go or not she was determined to make her appearance at Wrestlingworth to clear her character.

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