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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Aaron Layton - The Ely Rioter
Huntingdon 1816


A case study for Key Stage 3, Britain 1750 - 1900 and GCSE History

The events that involved Aaron Layton are very interesting to Historians for several reasons. Firstly the events happened during a period of great change and social unrest in Britian and secondly the events and the outcomes are well documented.

You are going to use this material to carryout two enquiries:

  • Riot or Revolution - How revolutionary was Britain between 1800 and 1850?

    • To gain an undestanding of the conditions in Britian between 1800 and 1850 that caused social unrest.
    • To understand the attitude of the Governments and treatment of offenders during the period
    • For carry out an historical enquiry to make judgements on the events and their significance.
    • To understand the factors that may lead to a revolution and why this did not occur in Britain.
  • Daylight Robbery - How do we know what happened at William Coopers and George Sevens houses on 23rd May 1816?

    • To carry out an historical enquiry, including transcribing documents and evaluating information from a variety of different sources.
    • To consider the accuracy of the information presented and how material may be influenced by the person(s) who wrote or commissioned it.
    • To use the primary and secondary evidence in order to draw conclusions about the situation.
    • To understand the conditions which lead to social unrest