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Aaron Layton
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Aaron Layton - The Ely Rioter

Riots and instability in the early 19th Century

The activities take the case of Aaron Layton and the Littleport and Ely riots and place this in the wider context of riots and revolution.

The aim of this enquiry is to judge how revolutionary Britain became between 1800 - 1850. The activities provide information about events and will help students make a judgement on this issue.

The KS 3 & 4 activities are aimed at students but provide a wealth of additional information and insight to instability and living conditions during the 19th century.

A case study for Key Stage 3, Britain 1750 - 1900 and GCSE History. The materials can also be used for general interest.

This section has reports and documents relating to the Case of Aaron Layton that can be used for research or for completing the activities provided with this case study.