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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Walter Horsford - The St Neots' Poisoner
Cambridge 1898


In 1898, Walter Horsford was hanged for murder at Cambridge Gaol. A jury in Huntingdon found him guilty of poisoning thirty eight year old Mrs Annie Holmes, with strychnine.

In this enquiry, you are going to review an animated video that outlines the case of Walter Horsford and investigate the case from the point of view of:

• A police officer trying to collect enough evidence to charge Walter Horsford with murder in 1898.
• A police officer doing the same job today (if Walter Horsford was a poisoner now).

This enquiry will help you decide on an answer to the key question: 'Has catching a murderer got easier?'. The task is in four parts:

Task 1: What should happen first
Task 2: The next steps
Task 3: Completing the investigation
Task 4: Conclusions