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Lucy Lowe
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Lucy Lowe alias Ellis - Child Murder

The attitudes to poor women and children in the 19th century and their treatment.

Between May and July 1876 Lucy Lowe (also known as Lucy Ellis) was committed and tried for the Murder of her 21 day old baby girl.

This extended study explores in more detail the life, family and the crime committed by Lucy Lowe (Ellis). It will, hopefully, give further insight to the social conditions and general life of one woman in Bedford in the 1870's, together with additional information on the police and justice systems in use then.

Information has been collected from archive material held in Bedfordshire and at the Public records office. In addition, a modern account of the crime, published in 1994, has also been included.

Lucy Lowe (sometimes spelt Low) was also known as Lucy Ellis as that was her surname from her 1st marriage. In the various accounts included here, both names are used, depending on the source material. When tracing information on Lucy from the National Archives, both names need to be tried depending on the dates and information sources.

A case study for Key Stage 3, Britain 1750 - 1900 and GCSE History. The materials can also be used for general interest.

This section has reports and documents relating to the life of Lucy Lowe that can be used for research or for completing the activities provided with this case study.