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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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John Walker
Above:John Walker
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The case
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John Walker - Convicted for Stealing Onions

A Typical Crime

This case concerns a market gardener of Beeston, Robert Cooper, an agricultural labourer John Walker and the theft of some onions.

John Walker was charged with Larceny for the theft of the onions valued at between 4 and 5 shillings. He appeared for trial on 8th April 1874 and was sentenced to seven years' penal servitude and seven years' police supervision.

In this section you will find background information and activities relating to this case and to the system of prosecution and sentencing in the 19th century.

The KS 2 & 3 activities are aimed at students but provide a wealth of additional information and insight into life and crime in the 19th century.

A case study for Key Stage 2, The Victorians and Key Stage 3, Britain 1750 - 1900 and GCSE History. The materials can also be used for general interest.

This section has reports and documents relating to the life of John Walker that can be used for research or for completing the activities provided with this case study.