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Victorian Crime and Punishment
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Case studies

In this section we have prepared a number of case studies and activities based on the records of prisoners from our database. Each Case Study has an introductory animation or video, activities and background material (including the original records where possible).
Aaron Layton - The Ely Rioter Aaron Layton Riots and instability in the early 19th Century
Henry Catlin, age 14 - Deported Henry Catlin aged 9, 5 years before he was transported Transportation and Penal Servitude in Britain 1750-1900

Lucy Lowe alias Ellis - Child Murder Lucy Lowe The attitudes to poor women and children in the 19th century and their treatment.

Sarah Dazley - Murder Sarah Dazley - The Arsenic Poisoner The development of forensic science in the 19th century
Walter Horsford - The St Neots' Poisoner Walter Horsford Has catching a murderer got easier? The case of the Police and the Poisoner -